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January 18, 2009, 10:21 am
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So I haven’t posted anything for a while… These things happen when you go away and don’t have much time, I seem to be out more than in, other things take up time, and the list could go on…

In a book I’m reading called “Worldliness – Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World” which delves into topics such as The Media, Music, Stuff, and Clothes. It then tries to sum up how to live in the “WORLD”. It’s a great book and paused me to think about how I go about living my life. Whether I just disregard somethings and justify others so that I can live my own life the way I want. Normally I will read a book because of the reputation of the author or a recommendation from a reliable friend. In this book there are various authors in which I’m not too familiar however John Piper has put an endorsement at the start of the book. I’m sold!

Today I want to talk about the 2 words CORAM DEO. These two simple Latin words pop up in the chapter about the media and how we look and respond to it. It means “Before the face of GOD”. Everything we do is CORAM DEO. When waking and sleeping moment, our thoughts , our actions, when we are up, when we are down. This is both really confronting and comforting, knowing that our God loves us and is so powerful to be always be there. I hate that I know this and still seem to stumble quite a lot. Knowing this should convict me more and more, it does but I also know that my sin is more apparent as I grow closer to God. Got to love Grace! 

The book states that Coram Deo arises out of the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 1:7), fearing God is where we begin our search for knowledge and wisdom. The alternative, the fool, is to disregard God and live a life for self (Psalm 14:1).

So when we’re at work, uni, out with friends, by ourselves, everywhere and anytime we are in God’s presence – God’s HOLY FACE IS IN VIEW! It’s not the same as a non-believing friend looking at us, or your parents, or your pastor, or a bunch of Christian mates, this is our God. We are accountable to God in everything and therefore we need to live that way! Romans 6 always hits it home for me, “What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?…….. BY   NO  MEANS!

Without God we’d be in a little puddle of poo! I think about how I’ve sinned with my eyes, with my thoughts, with my actions! God is a holy God and we are far from holy but at the cross we are made perfect! That’s such a great encouragement and point for praise!


…Forgives …Empowers us to change …leads us to a desire to pursue obedience


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