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February 23, 2009, 12:55 pm
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So I was listening to a sermon this morning and 2 points that were made were that Jesus is the CORNERSTONE and you need to find your identity in him. It’s funny how God talks to you at different points in your life, God’s providence is awesome. I heard a talk yesterday on generousity which talked about it not being something you can change in your mind, “try harder” being the train of thought. At the start you are all fired up to be more generous but inevitably this wavers and then you’re back to where you started. Instead we need to be convicted in the heart by the changing work of the gospel. A huge challenge: If you aren’t generous then you haven’t fully understood the grace of the gospel. That struck me!

This quote by Miroslav Volf gets to the heart of the issue
“There is something profoundly hypocritical about praising God for God’s mighty deeds of salvation and cooperating at the same time with demons of destruction, whether by neglecting to do good or by actively doing evil…Without action in the world, the adoration of God is empty and hypocritical, and degenerates into irresponsible and godless quietism”

So what do I need to do? I need to remember who my Saviour is, thank Him for His Grace, know that my identity is in Him and nothing else. Then be generous with everything, what I have, my time, my money, my everything! I am a steward and not an owner!

So who am I finding my identity in… I started writing down a list of “descriptions” of who Jesus/God is! It’s not the world’s biggest list but its a list that I should meditate more on. I list I should factor more into my life. Remember to have perspective!


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