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March 31, 2009, 9:37 pm
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In his book The Calvary Road Roy Hession quotes this on page 35

“If I want my own way rather than God’s, it is quite obvious that I shall want my own way rather than the other man’s. A man does not assert his independence of God to surrender it to a fellow man, if he can help it.”

So if we reject God that means we aren’t looking out for our fellow neighbour. We aren’t being other person centred. I thought about that for a while today. I also had to look up who this Roy Hession was as I didn’t have a clue it turns out he was quite a remarkable Godly man.

He accepted Jesus into his life in 1926 mainly through the witness of this cousin. He worked in a Merchant bank for 10 years and then became a full time preacher and became one of the most effective Christian evangelists in post World War 2 especially among young people. He ministered to many churches around the world, doing conferences in Europe, Brazil, Indonesia, North America and Africa.

He died in 1992 but he is remembered for his infectious enthusiasm and his humour, but above all for his unwavering stand on the principles of repentance and grace that had become so precious to him.

When I die I want to be someone known and remembered for their love for God. Their reliance on grace and their generousity in all things that God has blessed me with. A hard task but a worthy response.


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