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JI Packer’s advice to new Christians
April 26, 2009, 11:52 am
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1. Read.
Packer recommends new Christians learn to love and adore the Bible. One way to do that is by reading it cover to cover once a year. Another good piece of advice is to tackle New Testament books John MacArthur style.

2. Pray.
The best way to nurture the sense of being in God’s presence is through prayer. That’s why Packer encourages new Christians to get into the habit of praying at all times.

3. Worship.
Next, Packer points out that new Christians should join a church. Why? Fellowship with other believers–whether in doctrine, deeds or doxology–builds a stronger, vigorous Christian life.

4. Discuss.
A new Christian should hunt down like-minded believers and talk about Jesus–his life, death and resurrection.

5. Rejoice.
Packer ends his short sermon by pointing out that the new Christian has much to rejoice in: He’s found the secret to life. And that it will only improve from here on out.


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