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June 1, 2009, 8:59 pm
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Through trawling the web pages I came across this conference in the States called NEXT. You can find it at where you’ll find a really cool site and one of the good things about it is that it has really good talks you can download from past years. I just finished a series on discernment and it was really insightful. The finale was by CJ Mahaney and he talked about how we need to take a sin in our life, get a piece of scripture and use it. A single sin, a single piece of scripture and then apply and practice. Oh it’s gold, has people like DA Carson, Piper, and the list goes on…

One thing I found on the site are these notes from one of the talks. I found it helpful. So here it is…

Here is the most important thing I can say about the second coming: He is coming.

Notes from session 6 of the Next 2009 Conference.

Hebrews 9:24-28

This passage speaks of the three appearings of Jesus Christ: His first appearing in order than he might wear and assume our humanity so that he would bear our sins. Then His appearing at the right hand of the father where he lives to intercede for us. And then his appearing to provide final redemption and salvation for those eagerly waiting for him.

We rejoice in his appearing, and we rejoice in his heavenly appearing, but we eagerly long for his third appearance. We know that simple truth and it makes all the difference in the world. The person who isn’t a Christian doesn’t believe life and history are going anywhere. But the simplest Christian has their life revolutionized by the forward look to the glorious day of Christ’s return.

Here is the most important thing I can say about the second coming: He is coming.

Our greatest need when we discuss the second coming of Jesus is to remember that it is first and foremost the coming of Jesus. The Bible’s teaching is not given us so that we can become theological crossword puzzle solvers. When we do that we take our gaze away from the Lord Jesus. The Lord will award the crown of righteousness to all that solve the puzzle? No, the Lord will award the crown to all that love the appearing of the Lord Jesus. Never be diverted from the thought that what the Bible has to say about the end of history is actually about Jesus himself. “Love the appearing of Jesus,” is the great message of the New Testament.

1) The Promise of Jesus Coming

First, there is no part of the New Testament that lacks the message that Jesus will come in glory. The nearer Jesus gets to the cross he helps them understand that he’s actually going to return at the end of the time.

Second, in the New Testament angels announce his coming. Remember when the disciples are staring into heaven after Jesus and they saw the cloud of glory and an angel comes along and says, “Excuse me, why are you looking up there? This same Jesus will come in like manner as you have seen him go.” As that glory cloud that you read about in the Old Testament, the external manifestation of God’s glory, the angels are saying get on with your work but keep your eye on this same Jesus

The return of Jesus Christ is not an added extra to the gospel. It’s a bookend of the gospel. It’s one of the things that distinguishes Christians. One of the characteristics of really old people is that they revisit the past, but a Christian who is an old saint is looking to see what Jesus is doing and wants to hear about the church. It’s

2) The Manner of Jesus Coming

Why would he give this promise to his disciples? Because the disciples saw him progressively rejected, they saw the horrors of Gethsemene, they saw his crucifixion. Do you know what Jesus wants? He wants those who have seen him in his humiliation–where you work and where you study–to see him in his glory. Jesus has been so humiliated and rejected but we’ll see him in his majesty and glory.

Jesus will come visibly. We’re told that every eye will see him. What supernatural marvel will it be. When somebody says the Messiah has come don’t believe them because when the Messiah comes no one will need to tell you.

He’ll come audibly. When Jesus comes it will be noisy. At a certain point in our service we transition from the choir singing to the congregation rising and singing the doxology. The transition is heralded by these trumpets in the back and the visitors jump.

Jesus will come triumphantly. 2 Thessalonians 2:8. Jesus is teaching about the “lawless one” who will be revealed, and whom the Lord Jesus will slay with the breath of his coming. Do you ever say, “It blew me away”? Jesus will simply blow and this power will be gone.

3) The Time of Jesus Coming

First, we know that the time he’ll return is unknown. Even critical scholars who rubbish the New Testament say that Jesus was clear that no one knows when the second coming is, not even the son.

Second, nobody knows the time of his coming. It’s not only unknown but when it happens it will be unexpected. (2 Peter 3)

Third, the Lord will come soon. How do we understand this? Think about it this way: The return of the Lord Jesus is the next big day in Jesus’ calendar.

Fourth, the return of Jesus’ return is being delayed. 2 Peter 3 says that a day in heaven is a thousand years here on earth and that the Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise. He is patient, not wishing that any should perish. If Jesus had come just a year ago some of you would be in hell.

4) The Purpose of Jesus Coming

First, to raise the dead. The resurrection Lazarus is a picture of what he will do with the whole world. In the miraculous power of the one who made creation of nothing will reunite body and soul. What it means for us to be sons of God will actually be visible in resurrection bodies. Sometimes you may wonder if you’re a Christian. On that day who you are on the inside will be who you are on the outside. Christ’s makes glory in the resurrection body partly out of the struggles of Christian believers.

Second, he’ll come to judge the world. Look at Romans 2

Third, he’ll come to transform the righteous and the groaning creation. The whole creation is standing on tiptoe waiting for the world to be restored and remade.

Where the first Adam brought chaos the second Adam will accomplish what Adam was supposed to do in the beginning. He’ll bring it all back together, a new world order–the singing, sin-free, people of God. And in our humanity he will say to his Father, “This is yours. Receive from your loving children.” And God will be all in all.”

5) Our Response to Jesus Coming

First, use the delay well. The New Testament doesn’t use the second coming as a reason for evangelism but it does use the delay as a reason for evangelism.

Second, realize that the Christian life until that day is one of groaning inwardly. The Apostle Paul teaches that it’s those who have the spirit as the firstfruits groan expectantly.

Third, we should live in a godly way. We should do that together, encouraging one another and strengthening one another.

Fourth, we should grow in the grace of anticipating joyfully the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul contrasts Demas here with the faithful Christian. He says Demas has deserted his faith, having fallen in love with this present world, but Jesus Paul goes on to say that God will give a crown for those who have fallen in love with Jesus.

So we as Christians shouldn’t long for the second coming simply because we’re interested in the way the crossword puzzle will be solved but simply because we love him.

Many books I grew up with concluded with these words: “The End.” The great thing about the coming end is that it’s only the beginning and it will last forever.


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